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Why invest in Solar Power

Whether you are motivated in reducing costs associated with electricity bills or passionate about reducing your home’s impact on the environment, Solar Power answers both agendas.

Reduce Costs

We are fortunate to live in a country with a Federal Government that supports, encourages and subsidises the purchase and installation of residential and commercial solar power systems. To incentivise the installation of this method of renewable energy power delivery, the Government has set up the Solar Credit Scheme which represents a pretty amazing opportunity for us as consumers to save money and save our environment. The only negative is that this incentive program currently carries a December 2016 deadline and it is not known if it will be continued into 2017 and beyond.

There is also another opportunity to save on electricity spending with some household solar panels generating more energy than the dwelling needs. By sending this excess energy back into the power grid you may qualify for a credit on your energy bill. This feed-in tariff rate is dependent on where you live and may be funded by your electricity supplier, local government or both.

Reduce Emissions

There is no doubt; the installation of a solar power system does reduce the home owner’s carbon footprint. Solar power systems have been proven to reduce household greenhouse gas emissions as the panels release neither greenhouse gases nor pollute the air – which is a huge positive for the environment.  Unlike traditional sources of electricity from the grid, solar energy is green, clean and renewable. Even the amount of electricity used in the manufacturing process is minimal compared to the electricity saved by using them.

Increase Property Value

While the initial set-up investment can be sizeable, the benefit of your solar power system, once installed is ongoing. You are creating your own energy, using less from the power grid and saving money. In controlling your own power supply, you are less dependent on fossil fuels and energy providers and therefore less likely to be affected by price increases of traditional energy sources. In the long term, solar panels can be a real estate selling point with Property Valuers even recognising the benefits of this renewable energy source and the ongoing savings enjoyed. The potential for added market value to your home is assured.

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