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When do I need an Electrician?


It is pretty straightforward here in Australia, for any electrical work including installations and repairs, you are required to engage the services of a qualified licensed Electrician. So for the unlicensed, by Federal law, the changing of light bulbs is basically the only electrical work you can do.

Don’t DIY

For those eager to “do-it-yourself”, when renovating or building a new residence, there are always ways to save money, but unfortunately, electrical work is not one of them. For the installation and repair of electrical systems like installing a power point or even fixing a broken fitting you will need to hire a licensed Electrician.

Even though our favourite hardware stores may have everything you need and even some advice on what to do, it is worth remembering you really aren’t qualified and this work is dangerous.

 It is dangerous

No matter how basic it would appear there is a very real threat of injury or death to the novice installer and your family; damage to the structure and even loss of home through fire when things aren’t done properly.   Bad wiring and poor electrical practice has been identified as the cause behind too many house fires in Australia – use a qualified electrician and save your life and that of your family.


Ask to see proof of qualification

Each State has its own electrical legislation and standards and our Electricians hold an electrical licence and are registered electrical contractors qualified and authorised to work on your homes and businesses. If you engage the service of a ‘sparky’ that can’t present these qualifications or they are not current, don’t continue. Definitely don’t go for any cash-in-hand offers either with off the books work. This may prove problematic if insurance claims need to be made and it is discovered the work has not been done effectively.

Certification of work

By law a certificate of electrical compliance must be issued by Electricians for the work they do. This is certification that the job has been completed, tested and approved in compliance with Queensland’s electrical legislation and wiring guidelines. If the electrician won’t give you a certificate, look elsewhere!

How to hire the right electrician

Much like hiring other trades the decision always takes into account cost, quality, qualifications and reliability and with your Electrician, the safety of his work is especially important. You really must make the hiring of your Electrician a considered one, not just based on the best deal or the one that can get to you earliest. Definitely get a few quotes to establish that ballpark figure, anyone too low should be avoided as should anyone too high, they most likely don’t want your job!

The convenience of a local Electrician should also be considered, you don’t want to be charged for travel to and from the job and if you have other contractors on site, or friends/family you can ask them for recommendations too.

 Looking for an Electrician on the Gold Coast or Hinterland?
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