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Solar Power Systems

Our qualified electricians are ready to install an energy saving commercial solar power or residential solar power system in your Gold Coast property, including hinterland suburbs Mount Tamborine, Beaudesert, Warwick, Toowoomba, Canungra or any suburb in between!

We supply and install a range of solar systems to suit every home or business, from small 2KW solar power systems to 10KW solar systems as well as larger industrial solar systems.
To choose the solar power system that is right for you, there are a few things to consider:

Your budget
Before you determine your budget it is important to do your research and find out what size system will best suit your requirements. Once you understand this you can determine which panels will provide the best value for you and how much you should budget for.

Daily Power Usage
As the name would suggest, all Solar power panels require sunlight to generate electricity, so it’s most economical to install a system that can supply your expected daytime electricity usage.
If your solar power system generates more electricity than you need you will be able to sell it back to the grid through your electricity provider. The amount you receive does vary by energy retailer and from state to state, but Hinterland Solar and Electrical Solutions can give you an idea of what applies in your area.

Long-term energy expectations
If you are trying to choose the correct solar power system for your family, you need to consider how your situation may change in the future. Is your family going to increase? Are you planning on extending your home or purchasing appliances that will require more electricity? Even though it may be more expensive in the short term, installing a larger solar energy system that will be able to cover your upcoming needs is a cost-effective strategy that ensures your power bills will not creep back up.

How much roof space is available
The actual space on your roof and around your property will determine the size and style of the solar power system you should choose. Hinterland Solar & Electrical Solutions can fit solar panels to almost any property, even in the most challenging situations. Our electrician will work with you to install the correct solar power system that fits your property, so you can make the most out of the Gold Coast sunshine every day of the year. Contact Hinterland Solar & Electrical Solutions and we can come to assess your roof and give you the right advice for your individual situation.
Contact Hinterland Solar & Electrical Solutions and we will let you know how you can slash your electricity bill by having self storage batteries which allow you to go completely off-grid!

Hinterland Solar & Electrical Solutions pride ourselves on providing the best ‘high-end’ solar panels and inverters at economical prices, and we focus on always installing the best combinations of solar power systems that we can for our customers. Our team refuses to install what we refer to as ‘boomerang products’ that just end up coming back!

We ensure our residential solar power systems and commercial solar power systems carry excellent warranties from the most well-known solar panels & solar inverter manufacturers in the world!

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