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Common uses for Solar Energy

Let there be light! Or more specifically let there be sunlight and heat, for without which there would be no life – and of course, no solar power.

If nothing else High School science taught us the importance of the existence of the sun for the earth and its effects on all life forms. We are now looking at its role even further and applications that can make optimal use of this natural resource.

In cooler weather, we all know how good it feels to have the sun streaming through our well placed windows, heating the interiors of our home during the day not to mention naturally brightening up a room. This in addition to concrete and brick walls helps to ensure natural passive solar heating for free. But we now know there is more we can do with the earth’s solar power.

Solar Water Heaters

With our abundance of sunshine here in Queensland it makes perfect sense to make it work for us including getting hot water from the sun – well not directly, but by using its radiant energy. There is a range of technologies to harness the radiant heat from sunlight to heat water for our homes and swimming pool and they include roof mounted systems, split systems and heat pumps. Depending on where you live, your roof aspect and preference, we can identify the best system for you.

Solar Power

So you have your hot water taken care of, now it’s time to look at how you can save more money through a home and business operating on solar power. Without going into the scientific explanations, this process essentially converts sunlight into electricity using roof-mounted solar cells, not unlike the calculators many of us are using, or the solar powered garden and walkway lighting. In addition to these roof mounted panels, a converter is also required to power our homes. As we operate on an AC current this converter is used to change the output from DC to AC. We are then good to go, able to operate lights and appliances through the sun’s energy, how amazing is that! In addition, there are times when solar panels are electronically connected to a grid system. The energy from these grids can then be used to power any electrical device.

With our sun estimated to last for another 5 billion years, an investment in solar power options today will mean you won’t be bothered by power and water price rise threats tomorrow. To make your home one that will sustain families for generations give us a call on 0451 460 051 and talk to our solar power systems expert.

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